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Lesley Swan Artisan Designs

I  am a glass bead maker based in  Whangarei New Zealand. I import the finest international and Venetian Murano glass available to create  glass beads for one of a kind jewellery.

Bead Making

Beads are created in my studio by melting glass with a propane oxygen torch. While the glass is molten, I use my long learnt skills to shape or blow beads to increase their size, then decorate  each bead with more glass. All beads are cooled in a kiln to anneal and harden the glass.

Jewellery Making

I create one of a kind jewellery using my handmade beads along with additions of Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, and silver findings to add extra sparkle and shine.  All jewellery pieces are individually made therefore they are all a finished size and colour. Bracelets can be made into necklaces and most necklaces can become bracelets.  

Should you require a piece redesigned or made to fit you exclusively just contact me.


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